The LOCUS Project final book: “Real and Virtual Convergences”

“Imagine that technology allows us to know the places, the people, the traditions, and the collective memories of a place in a virtual, immersive scenario that connects us to the real. Imagine that the edges between the real and the virtual converge in playful experiences, connecting us to the territory, the people, and the cultural heritage of a place and a community.”

Over four years, the LOCUS Project materialized the imagination and converged real and virtual. Now the LOCUS team shares this adventure – a curated state-of-the-art, methodologies and main outcomes – in its last publication, “Real and Virtual Convergences: the LOCUS Project – Playful Connected Rural Territories“.

Edited by UA Editora Universidade de Aveiro Serviços de Biblioteca, Informação Documental e Museologia, the book is accessible digitally through the link: