The official opening of Amiais in the Second Life metaverse

On March 16th, Amiais in the Second Life is officially opened.

Since June 2021, a replica of Amiais has been developed in a metaverse to transpose the village’s heritage and cultural heritage through a virtual environment. This transposition involves building the architectural space, the environment, the fauna and flora, and the recreation of Amiais’ culture.

In this way, a playful narrative was created, similar to geocaching, so that the residents and visitors can discover and learn about the village and the cultural heritage of the place.

In order to see the place you must:

  1. Download Second Life (;
  2. Create an avatar (;
  3. Login to the Second Life platform and in the search bar enter:

From there you will be teleported to the Amiais space and will be able to visit the place and interact with some characters that have already been developed.

Go ahead and discover Amiais on Second Life!