LOCUS project IInd Seminar – Digital Potentialities and Challenges for Cultural Heritage

On June 29th, 2020 it will take place the 2nd Annual LOCUS Seminar, entitled Digital Potentialities and Challenges for Cultural Heritage. The Seminar is organized in three main talks, considering the general topic.
The objective of the Seminar is to present the second year results of LOCUS project, with spaces for reflection on its main scientific areas: cultural heritage, internet of things, augmented reality, intergenerational, gamification, among others.
The target audience of the event is the academic community, as well as specialists who are interested in the topics that are going to be discussed and can intervene to contribute to the enrichment of the event and, consequently, the project.
The event will take place online, via Zoom, between 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm, under the scientific organization and moderation of Professor Lídia Oliveira, Professor Ana Carla Amaro and Professor Ana Melro.
2.00p.m. Welcoming
2.30p.m. Opening session | The impact of LOCUS in Amiais
Sérgio Soares (President of the Parish Council of Couto de Esteves)
Natália Braga (President of LANCE)
Mário Silva (President of ACSCE)
Lídia Oliveira (LOCUS Principal Researcher)
3.15p.m. Tangible tools for an alternate reality game: improving the experience of Cultural Heritage in children
Silvia Torsi (University of Bari, Italy)
Carmelo Ardito (University of Bari, Italy)
Cristina Rebek (Free University of Bolzano, Italy)
4.00p.m. Break
4.20p.m. Technological projects’ challenges and opportunities for people and territory. 2nd-year results of LOCUS
Lídia Oliveira (LOCUS)
Ana Carla Amaro (LOCUS)
Ana Melro (LOCUS)
Rui Rodrigues (LOCUS)
5.00p.m. Phygital tourist experience: landscape, heritage and culture in low-density areas. A proposal for São Pedro do Sul
Claudete Moreira (CEGOT, University of Coimbra)
Rui Ferreira (CEGOT, University of Coimbra)
Tiago Santos (CEGOT, University of Coimbra)
6.15p.m. Closing