Main Goals


LOCUS’ will recreate Amiais village in the Second Life metaverse. Here we aim to develop and test interactive immersive scenarios, based on co-designed ludic storytelling, to explore cultural contents and learn about the cultural heritage of Amiais. The project also aims to understand the impacts of individual characteristics in immersive practices in metaverses in order to conceptualize virtual ludic experiences to promote cultural heritage and converge it with experiences in the physical territory.


Project Summary







Amiais is a rural space, with an aging population, that preserves ancient rural traditions, which are still practiced by the few permanent inhabitants, as is the case of the maintenance of communal threshing floors, an old gathering point for the farming communities linked to the husking of corn and the ritual of desfolhada, which are still done today.





Based on co-designed cultural heritage scenarios and narratives, the Amiais spot in Second Live will enable immersive gamified experiences to the virtual visitors. It will be possible to know the virtual village, interact with local characters and participate in cultural experiences through different virtual tours and challenges.





LOCUS will use engaging storytelling challenges to employ an immersive playful approach in metaverse contexts. The project’s development will go through 5 fundamental stages: Ethnographic Research, Reflection & Creativity, Participatory Design & Agile Development, User Testing, Sustainability & Migrability models.